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+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
+<!DOCTYPE pkgmetadata SYSTEM "http://www.gentoo.org/dtd/metadata.dtd">
+<longdescription lang="en">
+ ROOT Object Oriented Technologies is an object oriented data
+ analysis framework written in C++ by the CERN. Widely used in
+ high energy physics, but also in other data analysis applications. It
+ contains the CINT C/C++ interpreter and many classes such as
+ statistics, serialization, optimization, linear algebra, graphics,
+ GUI toolkit, and a complete visualization framework.
+ <flag name="cern">
+ Builds the HBOOK input/ouput functionality. HBOOK is a histogram
+ library. On ROOT versions previous to 5.20.00, it will depend
+ on <pkg>sci-physics/cernlib</pkg>. On versions above, it only need
+ a FORTRAN compiler.
+ </flag>
+ <flag name="clarens">
+ Builds the Clarens and PEAC plug-ins, to use in a GRID enabled
+ analysis. The Clarens Grid-Enabled Web Services Framework is an
+ open source portal for ubiquitous access to data and computational
+ resources provided by computing grids. PEAC is an interactive
+ distributed analysis framework that uses Clarens as a glue
+ protocol to advertise and communicate amongst SAM, Global Manager
+ (GM), Local Manager (LM), DCache, and PROOF services.
+ It doesn't need Clarens to build, however if you want to use it,
+ you will require to build Clarens and PEAC on your own, it is not
+ yet in the Gentoo Portage tree.
+ See http://clarens.sourceforge.net/ for Clarens
+ and http://physics.ucsd.edu/~schsu/project/peac.html for
+ </flag>
+ <flag name="geant4">
+ Builds the <pkg>sci-physics/geant</pkg> (GEANT4) navigator.
+ </flag>
+ <flag name="math">
+ Builds all math libraries plugins. It includes
+ the <pkg>sci-libs/gsl</pkg> bindings in MathMore, the GenVector
+ physical vectors package, the Minuit2 minimization library (same as
+ standalone <pkg>sci-libs/minuit</pkg>), the RooFit toolkit for
+ distribution modeling, and the Universal Non-Uniform RANdom number
+ generators (UNURAN) library.
+ </flag>
+ <flag name="pythia6">
+ Builds the interface to Pythia-6 (<pkg>sci-physics/pythia</pkg>)
+ high energy physics generation events library.
+ </flag>
+ <flag name="pythia8">
+ Builds the interface to Pythia-8 (<pkg>sci-physics/pythia</pkg>)
+ high energy physics generation events library.
+ </flag>
+ <flag name="reflex">
+ Builds the reflection database for the C++ interpretor.
+ </flag>
+ <flag name="xrootd">
+ Builds the xrootd low latency file server. For more on the eXtended Request
+ Daemon (xrd) and associated software, please see
+ http://xrootd.slac.stanford.edu.
+ </flag>