Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Bump ICC 10 series per bug 284801Andrey Kislyuk2009-10-112-0/+123
* removed icc idb ifc ipp now in main treeSebastien Fabbro2009-10-064-169/+0
* fixed env files for ifc and iccSebastien Fabbro2009-09-173-20/+18
* [dev-lang/ifc] Fix manifest; Please\! Dont commit ebuild with broken manifests\!Alexey Shvetsov2009-09-101-1/+11
* missing quotationsJustin Lecher (jlec)2009-09-091-1/+1
* removed the env-update from pkg_postinstallSebastien Fabbro2009-09-082-3/+2
* Fixed closing quotationsSebastien Fabbro2009-09-062-5/+5
* Modified env files for icc and ifcSebastien Fabbro2009-09-062-6/+7
* Fixed collision files among Intel packagesSebastien Fabbro2009-09-053-47/+21
* New ebuild for icc gathering all componentsSebastien Fabbro2009-09-044-0/+187
* deleted ifc and icc, now in main treebicatali2007-10-023-135/+0
* icc/ifc: few fixes with envd filesbicatali2007-09-032-16/+18
* ifc/icc: added rootpath in env filesbicatali2007-08-292-4/+6
* icc: added emul-linux-compat-x86bicatali2007-08-292-11/+5
* added icc-10bicatali2007-08-273-0/+137