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* sci-biology/gatk: add the missing licenseMartin Mokrejs2018-04-211-0/+26
* profiles: Remove last mentions of sci-libs/acmlDavid Seifert2017-09-021-428/+0
* Add missing license for gamessJustin Lecher2017-06-231-0/+42
* sci-mathematics/petsc: fix licenseMatthias Maier2017-05-251-50/+0
* sci-biology/oncotator: add license fileMartin Mokrejš2017-04-201-0/+46
* dev-python/pyvcf: add license fileMartin Mokrejš2017-04-201-0/+46
* Add missing licenseJustin Lecher2017-03-211-0/+188
* licenses: Add MIT-KhronosGroup licenseMarius Brehler2016-11-281-0/+25
* Drop cdfplayer as it is in the tree alreadyJustin Lecher2016-07-241-143/+0
* sci-biology/stampy: new package; installs into wrong PYTHON library pathMartin Mokrejš2016-07-151-0/+22
* license: Add updates updated NVIDIA-CUDA licenseMarius Brehler2016-05-301-0/+2297
* sci-biology/genometools: another attempt to add the licenseMartin Mokrejš2016-01-051-0/+14
* sci-biology/mRNAmarkup: another attempt to add the licenseMartin Mokrejš2016-01-051-0/+25
* licenses: Add ccp4 license to overlayMarius Brehler2015-11-021-0/+371
* Moved to treeMarius Brehler2015-09-211-2297/+0
* licenses: Add OpenSIFT licenseMarius Brehler2015-09-201-0/+57
* Add updated NVIDIA-CUDA EULAMarius Brehler2015-07-081-0/+2297
* Drop NVIDIA-CUDA licenseMarius Brehler2015-05-121-2262/+0
* Dummy polyphen licenseMarius Brehler2015-05-091-0/+7
* Identical to BSDJustin Lecher2015-05-041-34/+0
* Add HalfLICENSEMarius Brehler2015-05-041-0/+34
* sci-biology/rum: added license fileMartin Mokrejš2015-04-181-0/+7
* new licences needed for FSL packageHorea Christian2015-03-142-0/+124
* Add AMD-APPSDK licenseMarius Brehler2015-03-031-0/+267
* added hoomd-blue licenseChristoph Junghans2015-02-251-0/+46
* New licenseJustin Lecher2015-02-101-0/+37
* Add new ACML license and add it to EULA license_groupMarius Brehler2015-02-021-0/+428
* Moved to treeMarius Brehler2015-01-261-220/+0
* Merge pull request #338 from marbre/nvidia-cuda-toolkitJustin2015-01-161-0/+2262
| * Add updated NVIDIA-CUDA licenseMarius Brehler2015-01-141-0/+2262
* | Update Mendeley-termsMarius Brehler2015-01-151-139/+95
* | Rename Mendeley-EULA to Mendeley-termsMarius Brehler2015-01-151-0/+0
* | sci-misc/mendeleydesktop: Add version bumped ebuildMarius Brehler2015-01-151-0/+264
* Bump givaro to version 3.8.0Marius Brehler2015-01-111-0/+515
* sci-biology/trans-abys: Fix license and keywordsMarius Brehler2015-01-101-0/+453
* New licenseJustin Lecher2015-01-101-0/+48
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/master'Justin Lecher2015-01-101-264/+0
| * Remove Mendeley-EULA (mendeleydesktop was moved to tree)Marius Brehler2015-01-091-264/+0
* | new licenseMartin Mokrejš2015-01-091-0/+17
* update Tablet licenseMartin Mokrejš2015-01-071-32/+6
* Add atsas licenseJustin Lecher2014-12-171-0/+211
* Merge pull request #295 from marbre/mpe2Justin2014-12-021-0/+39
| * sys-cluster/mpe2: Add ebuild to overlay and bump versionMarius Brehler2014-11-291-0/+39
* | sci-misc/mendeleydesktop: add ebuild to overlayMarius Brehler2014-11-191-0/+264
* New ebuild: nvidia-cuda-gdkMarius Brehler2014-11-181-0/+32
* Update LicenseJustin Lecher2014-09-241-180/+75
* sci-biology/VarScan: add Non-profit-OSL-3.0 license and metadata.xmlJauhien Piatlicki2014-09-051-0/+63
* add HGSC-BCM license for sci-biology/Atlas-LinkJauhien Piatlicki2014-09-051-0/+8
* licenses: add CeCILL-2.0 license needed by sci-mathematics/gappaJauhien Piatlicki2014-09-021-0/+505
* Added Montage licenseSébastien Fabbro2014-04-161-0/+90