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* Merge branch 'master' into zhou13-masterJustin Lecher2013-12-021-0/+41
| * sci-physics/mc-tester: ebuild addedJauhien Piatlicki (jauhien)2013-11-201-0/+41
* | Add MSR-LAJustin Lecher2013-12-021-0/+104
* new license: CeCILL-2.1Guillaume Horel2013-10-281-0/+519
* remove duplicated licenseChristoph Junghans2013-10-221-42/+0
* added STFC licenseChristoph Junghans2013-09-141-0/+67
* removed obsolete licenseSébastien Fabbro2013-09-111-505/+0
* Renamed Artistic-IGS to Artistic-Manatee because both variants have same licenseMartin Mokrejš2013-08-291-0/+0
* New license for nmrpipeJustin Lecher2013-08-121-0/+23
* mpich license is in the main tree.Justin Bronder2013-07-091-39/+0
* add mpich licenseJustin Bronder2013-07-081-0/+39
* Update licenseJustin Lecher2013-06-161-4/+4
* New licenseJustin Lecher2013-06-161-0/+15
* Drop the license againJustin Lecher2013-06-161-37/+0
* tablet's modified for of BSD licenseJustin Lecher2013-06-161-0/+37
* added HSL licenseSébastien Fabbro2013-06-121-0/+222
* added PGI ebuildAndreas Schäfer2013-06-021-0/+262
* pleasing repomanAndreas Schäfer2013-04-251-0/+36
* add mgltools licenseJustin Lecher2013-04-141-0/+42
* Add new licenseJustin Lecher2013-03-031-0/+97
* add new licenseJustin Lecher2013-03-031-0/+65
* [dev-python/Forthon] version bump, add modified version of BSD license, port ...Kacper Kowalik (Xarthisius)2013-01-281-0/+57
* Merge pull request #30 from jauhien/cdfplayerKacper Kowalik2012-12-301-0/+143
| * sci-mathematics/cdfplayer: new ebuild for bug #421019Jauhien Piatlicki (jauhien)2012-11-231-0/+143
* | updated licenseJustin Lecher2012-11-271-159/+26
* dev-java/netcdf: Add the netCDF licence (which is *not* MIT)W. Trevor King2012-11-181-0/+31
* new licenseJustin Lecher2012-09-201-0/+174
* new licenseJustin Lecher2012-09-201-0/+13
* a license is a license not an eclassJustin Lecher2012-08-301-0/+138
* Drop unused licensesJustin Lecher2012-06-0726-2268/+0
* [sys-devel/gdebugger] slight improvements, add proper dependsKacper Kowalik (Xarthisius)2012-05-051-6/+0
* Added license for sys-devel/gdebuggerNicolas Bigaouette2012-04-301-0/+238
* [sci-libs/amdlibm] remove SRC_URI wrt #405803, add valid 'amdlibm' license (c...Kacper Kowalik (Xarthisius)2012-03-191-0/+112
* [dev-python/Forthon] initial import, ebuild written by meKacper Kowalik (Xarthisius)2012-02-161-0/+32
* Add kash licenceThomas Kahle2012-02-021-0/+19
* cleanup xrootd removalAndrew Savchenko2012-01-201-28/+0
* sci-biology/manatee-igs: new package for prokaryotic genome annotation and ed...Martin Mokrejs2012-01-081-0/+50
* sci-physics/xrootd: unbundled package from ROOTAndrew Savchenko2011-12-041-0/+28
* Updated licenseJustin Lecher2011-10-251-0/+369
* sci-mathematics/htk: fixed license filenamesDongxu Li2011-09-042-0/+144
* sci-biology/OBO-Edit: added license fileMartin Mokrejs2011-02-191-0/+0
* sci-biology/OBO-Edit: added license fileMartin Mokrejs2011-02-191-0/+9
* sci-biology/estscan: added the license textMartin Mokrejs2011-02-141-0/+88
* sci-biology/tablet-bin: added licence fileMartin Mokrejs2011-01-061-0/+36
* license file for align_to_scf, roche454ace2caf, sff_dumpMartin Mokrejs2011-01-041-0/+22
* Moved sci-math/nauty and its license to main treeThomas Kahle2010-10-271-3/+0
* ucsf license addedJustin Lecher2010-10-021-0/+13
* unio license addedJustin Lecher2010-10-021-0/+133
* new license: 'nauty' for sci-math/nautyThomas Kahle2010-09-181-0/+3
* Fix for petsc and adding licenseThomas Kahle2010-09-141-0/+50