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* In the main portage tree.cryos2006-01-1412-277/+0
* Adding kst-1.1.1tulku2005-11-0612-0/+277
* Moved to portage main tree.cryos2005-10-286-195/+0
* Small cleanup.cryos2005-10-281-1/+0
* Forgot to add the revbumped kst ebuild...cryos2005-10-281-0/+30
* Clean up old ebuilds not changed in overlay, revision bump, reset keywords an...cryos2005-10-286-54/+9
* New patch to really fix bug 104617tulku2005-10-272-10/+58
* Added media-gfx/kst with patch to fix bug #104617tulku2005-10-258-0/+163