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* patchers: removed patches directory for packages distributed by ::gentooHorea Christian2020-10-092-3886/+0
* patches: removed patch for deprecated packageHorea Christian2020-09-281-5317/+0
* Drop patches/jupyter_core-4.0.4-tests-dotipython.patchMarius Brehler2015-11-281-4743/+0
* Drop obsolete patchesMarius Brehler2015-09-034-68/+0
* Add patch for jupyter_core testsMarius Brehler2015-09-031-0/+4743
* Move large patch into patchdirJustin Lecher2014-11-131-0/+1804
* Move big patchesJustin Lecher2014-11-121-0/+5317
* Move large patch to patch dirJustin Lecher2014-11-121-0/+2082
* remove redundant patchJustin Lecher2014-11-111-14856/+0
* move large patches to patch dirJustin Lecher2014-11-111-0/+14856
* here we can sort and store patches which are used by multiple packages to cre...Justin Lecher (jlec)2009-07-294-0/+68