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* sci-astronomy/stuff: removed fftw dep, modified to work with EAPI6 and new repoSébastien Fabbro2016-03-071-1/+0
* sci-astronomy/stuff: Add new version linked to live oneSébastien Fabbro2014-03-221-0/+1
* sci-astronomy/stuff: EAPI-5, autotools-utilsSébastien Fabbro2014-02-271-1/+0
* Re-manifestingSébastien Fabbro2012-11-191-1/+1
* sci-astronomy/stuff: Live version. Prefix loveSebastien Fabbro2012-07-041-1/+1
* Convert to thin manifests (as suggested by alexxy and jlec)Andreas K. Huettel (dilfridge)2012-01-141-4/+0
* [sci-astronomy/stuff] switch herdSébastien Fabbro2011-08-041-12/+2
* Sort inherit and/or USEJustin Lecher2011-06-241-1/+11
* License and web site changesSébastien Fabbro2010-11-181-2/+2
* [sci-astronomy/stuff]: Fixed typo in HOMEPAGEKacper Kowalik (Xarthisius)2010-07-131-1/+1
* Modified stuff and skymaker licensesSebastien Fabbro2009-08-011-1/+3
* suff initial importSebastien Fabbro2009-07-281-0/+3