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* adding local variables myconf_s and myconf_d to keep track of flagsje_fro2008-07-052-10/+11
* fixing cases when all you want is double-precision, thanks to Shvetsov Alexey...je_fro2008-07-052-14/+18
* openmotif, not motifje_fro2008-06-292-2/+2
* switch virtual/motif to x11-libs/openmotif for bug #204249.je_fro2008-06-292-2/+2
* Latest gromacs for testingje_fro2008-06-232-0/+214
* Removing as it's now in the tree.je_fro2007-06-277-418/+0
* Manifest update.cryos2007-04-262-14/+4
* Initial import of gromacs.je_fro2007-03-078-0/+428