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* sci-chemistry/dssp2pdb: Fix SJustin Lecher2015-01-112-2/+7
* 2 new upstream patches of sci-chemistry/nwchem-6.5_p26243 added, USE_NOIO uns...Honza Macháček2015-01-053-5/+15
* sci-chemistry/freeon-9999: Add proper prefix flags to configure.Nicolas Bock2014-12-222-0/+9
* sync with gx86Christoph Junghans2014-12-212-2/+9
* sci-chemistry/freeon-9999: Move files.Nicolas Bock2014-12-192-1/+4
* sci-chemistry/freeon: Cleaning up old ebuilds.Nicolas Bock2014-12-194-53/+4
* sci-chemistry/freeon-9999: SlottingNicolas Bock2014-12-171-1/+1
* sci-chemistry/freeon-9999: Adding prefix.Nicolas Bock2014-12-171-1/+2
* Remove mpi USE flag from sci-chemistry/nwchem-6.5_p26243-r3 since MPI is mand...Honza Macháček2014-12-172-28/+37
* One more correction of 64 vs 32 bit integers handling in sci-chemistry/nwchem...Honza Macháček2014-12-092-33/+60
* fixed a typo preventing AVX2 support (bug #530454)Christoph Junghans2014-11-253-2/+6
* sci-chemistry/cs-rosetta: Drop all keywordsJustin Lecher2014-11-172-1/+5
* sci-chemistry/mddnmr: Drop all keywordsJustin Lecher2014-11-172-1/+4
* sci-chemistry/phenix-bin: Fix dep SLOT of sys-libs/dbJustin Lecher2014-11-142-1/+4
* sci-chemistry/unio: Drop all KEYWORDS due to broken revdepsJustin Lecher2014-11-132-1/+4
* sci-chemistry/nmrpipe: Drop all KEYWORDS due to broken revdepsJustin Lecher2014-11-132-1/+5
* sci-chemistry/module2: Drop all KEYWORDS due to broken revdepsJustin Lecher2014-11-132-1/+4
* sci-chemistry/modelfree: Drop all KEYWORDS due to broken revdepsJustin Lecher2014-11-132-2/+5
* sci-chemistry/curvefit: Drop all KEYWORDS due to broken revdepsJustin Lecher2014-11-132-1/+4
* sci-chemistry/cpmgfit: Drop all KEYWORDS due to broken revdepsJustin Lecher2014-11-132-1/+4
* sci-chemistry/redcat: Use java eclasses correctlyJustin Lecher2014-11-132-1/+6
* Handling of 32-bit versus 64-bit integers in sci-chemistry/nwchem-6.5_p26243-...Honza Macháček2014-11-122-14/+30
* sci-chemistry/ambertools: Drop old and large patches; apply all upstream patc...Justin Lecher2014-11-1111-24844/+89
* sci-chemistry/nwchem bumped to 6.5_p26243. IUSE options expanded, including t...Honza Macháček2014-11-115-1/+321
* sci-chemistry/mgltools-dejavu: Add PIL fixJustin Lecher2014-11-113-1/+100
* sci-chemistry/rosetta-tools: Bump to EAPI=5Justin Lecher2014-11-113-4/+13
* sci-chemistry/dssp2pdb: Bump to EAPI=5Justin Lecher2014-11-114-4/+10
* sci-chemistry/almost: Bump to EAPI=5Justin Lecher2014-11-102-25/+17
* sci-chemistry/pymol: Drop obsolete patchesJustin Lecher2014-11-055-100/+5
* sci-chemistry/pymol: Update patch to upstream suggestionJustin Lecher2014-11-032-113/+19
* sci-chemistry/pymol: Make it really multi py ABI ready; use internal apbs pluginJustin Lecher2014-10-303-5/+183
* sci-chemistry/pymol: Add missing PYTHON_USEDEPJustin Lecher2014-10-272-2/+5
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/master'Justin Lecher2014-10-273-1/+11
| * sci-chemistry/freeon: Drop obsolete versionsJustin Lecher2014-10-261-0/+3
| * fixed bash-comp (bug #526320)Christoph Junghans2014-10-232-1/+8
* | Drop liver versionJustin Lecher2014-10-275-238/+0
* sci-chemistry/pymol: Patch included upstreamJustin Lecher2014-10-212-5/+3
* sci-chemistry/pymol: Fix broken plugin listingJustin Lecher2014-10-203-0/+22
* sci-chemistry/pymol: Fix upstream buildsystemJustin Lecher2014-10-203-0/+23
* sci-chemistry/pymol: Import tree changesJustin Lecher2014-10-172-2/+7
* Fix doc installAlexey Shvetsov2014-10-092-1/+4
* updated metadata.xmlChristoph Junghans2014-09-172-3/+3
* quote varsChristoph Junghans2014-09-162-8/+12
* quote varsChristoph Junghans2014-09-162-8/+12
* quote varsChristoph Junghans2014-09-162-6/+10
* quote varsChristoph Junghans2014-09-162-11/+15
* clean upChristoph Junghans2014-09-162-2/+5
* sci-chemistry/module2: Add back dropped ~amd64Justin Lecher2014-09-162-1/+4
* sci-chemistry/mddnmr: Add back dropped ~amd64Justin Lecher2014-09-162-1/+4
* sci-chemistry/nmrpipe: Add back dropped ~amd64Justin Lecher2014-09-162-1/+5