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* Moved to the tree. See bug #79082.Thomas Beierlein2010-09-081-64/+0
* Dropped Lucas from maintainership on his request. Taking it overThomas Beierlein2010-07-041-1/+4
* version bumpJustin Lecher (jlec)2009-10-231-0/+6
* sci-electronics/linsmith version bumpJustin Lecher (jlec)2009-10-231-1/+8
* moved overlay to new directorybicatali2008-03-171-0/+48
* move stuff to rootjokey2007-10-071-48/+0
* Version bump to 0.99.1tulku2006-07-151-0/+5
* Version bump. Removed old versiontulku2006-07-061-0/+5
* Various small cleanups of the ebuild, added examples USE flag and marked ~amd64.cryos2006-04-141-0/+4
* Version bumptulku2006-04-141-0/+5
* Removed previous linsmith versionstulku2006-04-091-1/+1
* Version bump for linsmith-0.9.4tulku2006-04-091-0/+6
* Added new ebuild for linsmith-0.9.2tulku2005-11-161-1/+7
* New ebuild for linsmith-0.9.1tulku2005-11-031-1/+9
* new ebuild for another smith chart calculation programtulku2005-10-281-0/+9