Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Update Manifests to new hashesJustin Lecher2017-12-101-2/+2
* Second try to clean spaces in metadata.xmlJustin Lecher2017-11-181-1/+1
* Consistently ident with tabsJustin Lecher2017-11-181-16/+16
* Cleanup remote IDsJustin Lecher2017-04-301-2/+2
* Drop leftover from CVS in HEADERJustin Lecher2017-02-253-3/+0
* Shorten all DESCRIPTION to <80 charsJustin Lecher2017-02-052-2/+2
* sci-libs/asl: Version BumpJustin Lecher2016-11-126-102/+94
* sci-libs/asl: version bump to 0.1.6 (#670)Slawomir Gonet2016-09-102-0/+49
* metadata.xml: Set typeJustin Lecher2016-01-251-2/+2
* metadata.xml: convert hard -> projJustin Lecher2016-01-251-1/+4
* Drop ChangeLogs in favour of commit messagesJustin Lecher2016-01-071-22/+0
* Drop unnecessary die from emakeJustin Lecher2015-09-231-1/+48
* Convert all $Header$ to $Id$ tags as it has be done in gentoo.gitJustin Lecher2015-08-172-2/+2
* sci-libs/asl: add live ebuild, unify life and release ebuilds.Andrew Savchenko2015-08-113-43/+54
* sci-libs/asl: remove old versionAndrew Savchenko2015-08-113-66/+3
* sci-libs/asl: version bumpAndrew Savchenko2015-08-103-0/+49
* Fix issue #452Andrew Savchenko2015-07-264-0/+106