Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* sci-libs/gsl: drop packageAisha Tammy2020-09-221-5/+0
* sci-libs/gsl: Version BumpJustin Lecher2018-10-281-0/+1
* Update Manifests to new hashesJustin Lecher2017-12-101-4/+4
* sci-libs/gsl: bump to gsl-2.4.François Bissey2017-09-231-0/+1
* sci-libs/gsl: Version BumpJustin Lecher2016-12-101-0/+1
* sci-libs/gsl: Version BumpJustin Lecher2016-02-121-0/+1
* sci-libs/gsl: Version bumpSébastien Fabbro2013-08-191-1/+1
* Convert to thin manifests (as suggested by alexxy and jlec)Andreas K. Huettel (dilfridge)2012-01-141-16/+1
* Fix undefined symbols because of missing gslcblas lib during linkingJustin Lecher2011-10-111-3/+14
* added gslSébastien Fabbro2011-08-221-0/+5
* move stuff to rootjokey2007-10-071-28/+0
* added gsl-1.10 with cblas supportbicatali2007-09-201-0/+28
* removed gsl, now in main treebicatali2007-08-211-24/+0
* added many updates to blas/lapack packagesbicatali2007-08-161-0/+24