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* Version bumps of sci-libs/libxc to versions 2.1.1 and 2.2.1, cleanup.Honza Macháček2014-12-109-297/+11
* Bumped sci-libs/wannier90 to version 2.0. Preserved 1.2 version until compati...Honza Macháček2014-12-104-1/+76
* version bumpMatthias Maier2014-12-064-0/+270
* sci-libs/mkl: Version BUmpJustin Lecher2014-12-023-0/+149
* fixed latex depChristoph Junghans2014-11-142-7/+5
* deps on boost:=Christoph Junghans2014-11-132-1/+4
* sci-libs/dcmtk: Move large patch into patch dirJustin Lecher2014-11-134-7/+15
* Move large patch into patchdirJustin Lecher2014-11-131-1804/+0
* sci-libs/bigdft-abi: Move large patch; drop unnecessary quotesJustin Lecher2014-11-133-15/+22
* Move big patchesJustin Lecher2014-11-121-5317/+0
* sci-libs/ni-visa: Bump to EAPI=5Justin Lecher2014-11-123-17/+13
* sci-libs/driftwood: Bump to EAPI=5Justin Lecher2014-11-123-2/+8
* added multilib support (bug #528622)Christoph Junghans2014-11-102-0/+65
* version bumpMatthias Maier2014-10-224-1/+210
* Thanks to kiwifb for reporting https://github.com/gentoo-science/sci/issues/2...gienah2014-10-202-1/+13
* The fix for Bug 524612 failed in src_install building openblas from git. The ...gienah2014-10-192-6/+16
* Fix Bug 524612 - [science overlay] sci-libs/openblas-0.2.11 - Assembler messa...gienah2014-10-194-2/+22
* Merge int64-eclass branch with master. lapack-reference-9999 builds and passe...gienah2014-10-1821-90/+462
| * Merge branch 'master' of ssh://github.com/gentoo-science/sciChristoph Junghans2014-10-1616-90/+308
| |\
| | * fix p4est dependency; drop oldMatthias Maier2014-10-145-4/+283
| | * sci-libs/p4est: Fix build dependenciesMatthias Maier2014-10-142-1/+5
| | * sci-libs/p4est: Version bump; update metadata.xmlMatthias Maier2014-10-145-3/+11
| | * sci-libs/libsc: Drop old; version bump; update metadata.xmlMatthias Maier2014-10-146-82/+9
| * | version bumpChristoph Junghans2014-10-165-0/+154
| |/
| * Fix support for xblas, it is only available for 32bit integers.François Bissey2014-10-131-8/+8
* | Thanks to kiwifb for reviewing and the fix: change ROOT to EROOT to support G...gienah2014-10-142-1/+5
* | Thanks to tamiko for testing - the earlier fix for xblas, -DXBLAS_LIBRARY:FIL...gienah2014-10-142-3/+9
* | Thanks to tamiko for testing and the fix to the problem: sci-libs/xblas is mi...gienah2014-10-142-1/+7
* | Specify the xblas library location to cmake - sci-libs/lapack-reference-9999:...gienah2014-10-132-0/+8
* | multilib int64 multibuild xblas. The int64 build may not work though, not tes...gienah2014-10-133-1/+132
* | multilib int64 multibuild cblas-reference. int64 fails tests with blas-referencegienah2014-10-133-0/+167
* | multilib int64 multibuild blas-referencegienah2014-10-135-28/+156
* | Refactor to lapack-reference use the fortran-int64.eclass. Add the virtual to...gienah2014-10-132-125/+50
* | Refactor openblas to use the fortran-int64.eclass. Move the virtuals from RDE...gienah2014-10-132-118/+32
* The circular dependency of sci-libs/lapack-reference-3.5.0 on virtual/lapack ...Honza Macháček2014-10-082-1/+4
* sci-libs/lapack-reference: respect flagsJustin Lecher2014-10-063-8/+12
* Remove the setting of the FC and F77 environment variables, instead sed the C...gienah2014-09-272-20/+41
* Fix rebase lapack-multibuild to master conflict 11 on sci-libs/lapack-referencegienah2014-09-272-4/+7
* openblas-0.2.11 requires the cpuid_x86 patchgienah2014-09-271-27/+0
* Fix rebase lapack-multibuild to master conflict 6 on sci-libs/openblasgienah2014-09-271-0/+27
* Fix rebase lapack-multibuild to master conflict 5 on sci-libs/openblasgienah2014-09-271-3/+0
* Fix rebase lapack-multibuild to master conflict 3 on sci-libs/openblasgienah2014-09-271-0/+3
* openblas-0.2.11 requires the cpuid_x86 patchgienah2014-09-272-0/+3
* Fix rebase lapack-multibuild to master conflict 2 on sci-libs/lapack-referencegienah2014-09-272-5/+29
* Add >=virtual/blas-2.1-r2[int64?] and >=virtual/cblas-2.0-r1[int64?] to RDEPE...gienah2014-09-275-26/+121
* multilib as well for lapack-referencegienah2014-09-271-19/+45
* openblas: Strip the _int64 suffix from the BUILD_VARIANT to calculate the ABIgienah2014-09-271-11/+13
* multilib as well for openblasgienah2014-09-272-10/+95
* Thanks to sfabbro: dodoc should be outside the function, they do not changegienah2014-09-272-3/+6
* Fix rebase lapack-multibuild to master conflict 1 on sci-libs/lapack-referencegienah2014-09-273-28/+119