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* sci-mathematics/gap: move gap-core to gapAisha Tammy2020-10-221-2/+2
* Update Manifests to new hashesJustin Lecher2017-12-101-2/+2
* sci-mathematics/gap: Fix ManifestJustin Lecher2015-09-211-0/+2
* sci-mathematics/gap: Fix SRC_URIJustin Lecher2015-09-211-2/+0
* manifests fixesS├ębastien Fabbro2013-06-131-2/+2
* Convert to thin manifests (as suggested by alexxy and jlec)Andreas K. Huettel (dilfridge)2012-01-141-4/+0
* switch sci herd to sci-* sub herds, full overlay re-manifestS├ębastien Fabbro2012-01-031-11/+1
* Cleaned ebuildJustin Lecher2011-06-241-75/+5
* Sort inherit and/or USEJustin Lecher2011-06-241-2/+82
* gap:version bumpbicatali2009-01-161-5/+5
* gap-4.4.10: sysinfo.gap now installedgrozin2008-07-111-1/+1
* moved overlay to new directorybicatali2008-03-171-0/+6