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* bumped to EAPI=5Christoph Junghans2013-07-012-2/+7
* big fixes of metadata and package sub-herd re-distributionSébastien Fabbro2013-06-1811-134/+83
* manifests fixesSébastien Fabbro2013-06-1320-56/+24
* Package droppedJustin Lecher2013-06-131-41/+0
* sci-mathematics/cadabra: Drop old, move doxygen to build depsJustin Lecher2013-06-137-275/+14
* update minimal versions of some dependencies for scilabAndreas Zuber2013-06-031-3/+3
* sci-mathematics/scilab forgot to bump the patchesGuillaume Horel2013-05-097-387/+14
* sci-mathematics/scilab version bump as 5.4.0 has been pulled upstreamGuillaume Horel2013-05-092-24/+23
* Update factory/libfac versionThomas Kahle2013-04-182-4/+4
* Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.overlays.gentoo.org/proj/sciJustin Lecher2013-04-151-0/+41
* sci-mathematics/cadabra-1.31: new line fixes, thanks to jlecJauhien Piatlicki (jauhien)2013-03-281-3/+1
* sci-mathemtics/cadabra-1.31: different fixes, thanks to jlecJauhien Piatlicki (jauhien)2013-03-271-17/+15
* sci-mathematics-cadabra-1.31: bump to EAPI-5Jauhien Piatlicki (jauhien)2013-03-221-1/+1
* sci-mathematics/cadabra: version bumpJauhien Piatlicki (jauhien)2013-03-213-1/+95
* sci-mathematics/cdfplayer: version bumpJauhien Piatlicki (jauhien)2013-03-114-4/+11
* sci-mathematics/yorick: Move to EAPI=5; add missing multilib.eclassJustin Lecher2013-03-034-20/+29
* sci-mathematics/alt-ergo: Move to EAPI=5; clean quoting and ebuild syntax and...Justin Lecher2013-03-034-27/+26
* sci-mathematics/giac: Drop useless blank lineJustin Lecher2013-03-034-29/+30
* sci-mathematics/bertini: Clean wrong space and blank linesJustin Lecher2013-03-033-8/+11
* sci-mathematics/mdp: Clean wrong space and blank linesJustin Lecher2013-03-033-14/+15
* sci-mathematics/gambit: Fix header and move to EAPI=5Justin Lecher2013-03-034-12/+16
* sci-mathematics/dsfmt: Fix header and move to EAPI=5; cleaned ebuild syntaxJustin Lecher2013-03-033-9/+11
* sci-mathematics/polymake: Add missing multilib.eclassJustin Lecher2013-03-033-11/+19
* sci-mathematics/flocq: Move to EAPI=5; assign RDEPEND explicitatlyJustin Lecher2013-03-034-17/+13
* sci-mathematics/why: Drop ppc as deps are not keyworded; move to EAPI=5 and a...Justin Lecher2013-03-034-52/+59
* sci-mathematics/gappalib-coq: Drop pcc and sparc keywords as deps are not key...Justin Lecher2013-03-034-24/+22
* sci-mathematics/lattE-macchiato: Fix rename of USE nocxx to cxx for dev-libs/gmpJustin Lecher2013-03-034-10/+15
* sci-mathematics/pff: Drop pcc and sparc keywords as deps are not keyworded; m...Justin Lecher2013-03-034-18/+15
* sci-mathematics/surfer: Move to autotools-utils.eclass; use virtual/pkgconfigJustin Lecher2013-03-034-15/+16
* sci-mathematics/Macaulay2: Use PKG_CONFIG instead of generic pkg-configJustin Lecher2013-02-273-1/+6
* Bundles all numeric libs, which are not easily unbundlable Various other QA i...Justin Lecher2013-02-227-109/+0
* Revert "Merge branch 'jlec' of github.com:gentoo-science/sci"Justin Lecher2013-02-225-132/+0
* Merge branch 'jlec' of github.com:gentoo-science/sciJustin Lecher2013-02-225-0/+132
| * random filesJustin Lecher2012-11-295-0/+132
* | sci-mathematics/freefem++: Use tc-getPKG_CONFIG from toolchain-funcs.eclass i...Justin Lecher2013-02-226-200/+19
* | sci-mathematics/Macaulay2: Use tc-getPKG_CONFIG from toolchain-funcs.eclass i...Justin Lecher2013-02-223-17/+23
* | sci-mathematics/petsc: Drop unused local USE-description: 'metis'Justin Lecher2013-02-222-1/+3
* | sci-mathematics/petsc: Use tc-getPKG_CONFIG from toolchain-funcs.eclass inste...Justin Lecher2013-02-2211-501/+22
* | sci-mathematics/scilab: Use tc-getPKG_CONFIG from toolchain-funcs.eclass inst...Justin Lecher2013-02-224-30/+37
* | rstudio now in main treeSébastien Fabbro2013-02-1912-650/+0
* | Update live ebuildThomas Kahle2013-02-182-10/+12
* | Update live ebuildThomas Kahle2013-02-183-20/+12
* | added warning about petsc threads supportJens-Malte Gottfried2013-02-101-5/+9
* | fixed petsc compile issue reported by disperatoJens-Malte Gottfried2013-02-093-3/+72
* | sci-mathematics/scilab cleanup ebuildGuillaume Horel2013-01-282-14/+361
* | sci-mathematics/giac: it's supposed to be frozen...Jonathan-Christofer Demay2013-01-231-1/+1
* | sci-mathematics/scilab update dependenciesGuillaume Horel2013-01-191-2/+3
* | Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.overlays.gentoo.org/proj/sciJustin Lecher2013-01-1526-67/+233
|\ \
| * | sci-mathematics/pff: version bumpJonathan-Christofer Demay2013-01-143-8/+12
| * | sci-mathematics/giac: version bumpJonathan-Christofer Demay2013-01-144-8/+15