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* sci-misc/kaldi: dropped broken and deprecated packageHorea Christian2020-12-254-165/+0
* sci-misc/kaldi: Version bump (#747)Pavel Denisov2017-04-232-0/+75
* sci-misc/kaldi: version bump; add speex USE flagPavel Denisov2016-07-204-144/+4
* sci-misc/kaldi: Create unified diff for Makefile patchPavel Denisov2015-11-181-57/+60
* sci-misc/kaldi: Create unified diff for default_rules.mk patchPavel Denisov2015-11-181-48/+30
* sci-misc/kaldi: Version bump, switch to OpenBLAS math library by default, add...Pavel Denisov2015-11-181-0/+48
* sci-misc/kaldi: version bumpPavel Denisov2015-02-283-110/+197
* sci-misc/kaldi: New packagePavel Denisov2015-01-153-0/+110