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* sci-misc/pywordnet: drop pack, py2 only, dead upstream since 2013Andrew Ammerlaan2021-01-031-22/+0
* Drop leftover from CVS in HEADERJustin Lecher2017-02-251-1/+0
* Convert all $Header$ to $Id$ tags as it has be done in gentoo.gitJustin Lecher2015-08-171-1/+1
* Drop old python implementationsJustin Lecher2015-04-081-1/+1
* Sanitize ebuild headerJustin Lecher2014-01-301-1/+1
* sci-misc/pywordnet: Bump to distutils-r1 eclassJustin Lecher2013-12-041-7/+6
* Remove empty linesJustin Lecher2010-06-291-1/+0
* Fix for Python ABIsJustin Lecher2010-06-291-2/+6
* moved overlay to new directorybicatali2008-03-171-0/+21