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* sci-physics/espresso++: moved to gx86Christoph Junghans2016-07-171-15/+0
* metadata.xml: Set typeJustin Lecher2016-01-251-2/+2
* metadata.xml: convert hard -> projJustin Lecher2016-01-251-1/+4
* Revert "Gentoo does https by default now"Justin Lecher2015-06-211-1/+1
* Gentoo does https by default nowJustin Lecher2015-06-211-1/+1
* sci-physics/espresso++: Add github to remote-id in metadata.xmlJustin Lecher2015-06-061-0/+3
* live ebuild updateChristoph Junghans2014-02-071-3/+0
* sci-physics/espresso++: Bump to EAPI=5 and drop KEYWORDS of live ebuilds; bum...Justin Lecher2013-06-141-8/+8
* initial commit (thx to Torsten Stuehn)Christoph Junghans2012-10-091-0/+12