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* sci-physics/lammps: Remove from sci overlay after moving it to main tree.Nicolas Bock2014-02-064-163/+0
* Merge branch 'master' of github.com:gentoo-science/sciNicolas Bock2014-02-041-2/+2
| * block slot=0Christoph Junghans2014-02-042-1/+5
* | sci-physics/lammps: Added blocker for SLOT=0.Nicolas Bock2014-02-042-1/+7
* sci-physics/lammps: Udpating checksum for upstream tar.Nicolas Bock2014-02-031-1/+1
* sci-physics/lammps: Upstream now releases a stable channelNicolas Bock2014-02-014-0/+157
* More up to date version in treeJustin Lecher2013-12-2911-1028/+0
* remove elog messageChristoph Junghans2013-12-219-8/+6
* sci-physics/lammps: updated maintainer email to gentoo.orgNicolas Bock2013-12-132-1/+4
* sci-physics/lammps: Version bump to 20121201.Nicolas Bock2013-12-043-0/+121
* sci-physics/lammps-20131123: Version bump.Nicolas Bock2013-11-223-0/+121
* sci-physics/lammps-20131111: Version bump.Nicolas Bock2013-11-113-0/+121
* sci-physics/lammps-20130930: Version bump.Nicolas Bock2013-10-153-0/+121
* sci-physics/lammps-20130923: Version bump.Nicolas Bock2013-09-275-223/+8
* sci-physics/lammps-20130917: Version bump.Nicolas Bock2013-09-183-0/+121
* sci-physics/lammps: Version bump to 20130830.Nicolas Bock2013-09-023-0/+121
* sci-physics/lammps-20130816: Version bump.Nicolas Bock2013-08-133-0/+121
* Version bump to sci-physics/lammps-20130711Nicolas Bock2013-07-163-0/+121
* sci-physics/lammps: Fixed repoman warning.Nicolas Bock2013-07-092-1/+4
* Added current version: sci-physics/lammps-20130708.Nicolas Bock2013-07-093-0/+125
* Version bump to 1-Jul-2013.Nicolas Bock2013-07-034-0/+146
* moved to gx86Christoph Junghans2013-06-266-350/+0
* Bashified package name mangling.Nicolas Bock2013-06-262-1/+36
* Fixed missing use flag.Nicolas Bock2013-06-262-1/+4
* clean upChristoph Junghans2013-06-252-13/+15
* Moved html documentation one folder up.Nicolas Bock2013-05-282-1/+4
* Version bump.Nicolas Bock2013-05-283-0/+81
* Added html documentation.Nicolas Bock2013-05-282-2/+8
* Fixed spelling in doc install.Nicolas Bock2013-05-162-3/+6
* Version bump to 14 May 2013.Nicolas Bock2013-05-163-0/+78
* Added mpi use flag.Nicolas Bock2013-05-154-146/+45
* Moved a variable definition.Nicolas Bock2013-05-102-2/+4
* Added more use flags to control the build process.Nicolas Bock2013-05-103-2/+16
* Cleaned up the make command line arguments.Nicolas Bock2013-05-102-6/+30
* The meam package doesn't like to be built in parallel.Nicolas Bock2013-05-102-1/+4
* lammps: Added use flags for some optional packages.Nicolas Bock2013-05-103-1/+16
* Added maintainer (myself) to metadata.xml for lammps.Nicolas Bock2013-05-102-0/+6
* Added first draft version of lammps.Nicolas Bock2013-05-105-0/+176