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* root: version bumpbicatali2007-06-041-0/+5
* sci-physics/root: bumped root from main tree with cernlib compatibilitybicatali2007-05-111-0/+8
* removed root, now in portagebicatali2007-02-231-26/+0
* root-5.14.00 version updatebicatali2006-12-301-114/+6
* root-5.12: only use fortran when cern is selectedbicatali2006-10-271-0/+4
* root-5.12.00e-r1: fixes for asimage, xrootd and qt3bicatali2006-10-131-0/+7
* major root-5.12.00e ebuild update, removed old one.bicatali2006-09-131-3/+3
* updated root to 5.12a and moved to sci-physicsbicatali2006-09-121-0/+123