Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* geant-vmc: Upstream does not provide version_info file anymore, adapt live.Oliver Freyermuth2015-01-132-3/+7
* sci-physics/qcl: Make use of dodocMarius Brehler2015-01-112-4/+2
* sci-physics/qcl: Fix applying of patchesMarius Brehler2015-01-112-0/+8
* sci-physics/qcl: Move to EAPI=5, cleanup ebuildsMarius Brehler2015-01-113-15/+20
* Properly fix bug 534086Andrew Savchenko2015-01-025-4/+8
* Fix bug 534086Andrew Savchenko2015-01-015-8/+13
* Update maintainer infoAndrew Savchenko2015-01-012-4/+5
* fixed homepage and depsChristoph Junghans2014-12-252-2/+5
* Version bump of sci-physics/atompaw to Macháček2014-12-125-5/+133
* Treated a small problem with CUDA in sci-physics/abinit, corrected its depend...Honza Macháček2014-12-105-4/+70
* sync with gx86Christoph Junghans2014-11-132-6/+5
* deps on boost:=Christoph Junghans2014-11-132-1/+4
* Drop prop-flags patch for root-9999, patch fails starting from 5.34.23 and RO...Oliver Freyermuth2014-11-102-1/+8
* sci-physics/root: Fix compilation with USE="mysql" wrt bug #523996; fix die_c...Matthias Maier2014-10-255-8/+21
* sci-physics/root: Backport fix for build failureJustin Lecher2014-09-294-20/+47
* updated metadata.xmlChristoph Junghans2014-09-172-6/+3
* remove blank lineChristoph Junghans2014-09-162-2/+3
* sci-physics/rivet: version bumpJauhien Piatlicki2014-09-053-0/+68
* Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.overlays.gentoo.org/proj/sciHonza Macháček2014-09-053-0/+16
| * sci-physics/tauola: fix doc building failure for 1.1.5Jauhien Piatlicki2014-09-043-0/+16
* | sci-physics/bigdft bumped to 1.7.5, after a long pause.Honza Macháček2014-09-057-47/+214
* sci-physics/tauola: version bumpJauhien Piatlicki2014-09-033-1/+78
* sci-physics/herwig++: version bumpJauhien Piatlicki2014-08-313-0/+63
* sci-physics/thepeg: version bumpJauhien Piatlicki2014-08-314-0/+106
* fix Manifests: thin-manifestsJauhien Piatlicki2014-08-311-3/+0
* sci-physics/looptools: version bumpJauhien Piatlicki2014-08-316-0/+227
* sci-physics/herwig++: fix dependency on sci-physics/looptoolsJauhien Piatlicki2014-08-313-2/+5
* sci-physics/thepeg: add libraries to LD_LIBRARY_PATH, add rivet USE descriptionJauhien Piatlicki2014-08-315-1/+26
* sync with gx86Christoph Junghans2014-08-252-3/+7
* sync with gx86Christoph Junghans2014-08-113-12/+35
* Fix doxygen-generation, adapt to now working way to run the test-suite (patch...Oliver Freyermuth2014-07-262-14/+10
* Added forgotten patch file 7.6.3-libabinit_options.patch for sci-physics/abinitHonza Macháček2014-07-102-0/+85
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/master'Justin Lecher2014-07-076-1/+169
| * Add subslot dependency on clhep, we need to rebuild for each clhep subslot ch...Oliver Freyermuth2014-07-062-1/+5
| * New live ebuild for VGM, adapting to fixes for cmake install paths in upstrea...Oliver Freyermuth2014-07-062-0/+74
| * New live ebuild, using cmake-buildsystem (upstream switches to cmake for next...Oliver Freyermuth2014-07-063-0/+90
* | sci-physics/root: Backport fixes from ROOT-6 branchAndrew Savchenko2014-07-068-0/+702
* | sci-physics/root: rectify license listAndrew Savchenko2014-07-064-3/+7
* | root and root-docs: version bumpAndrew Savchenko2014-07-063-0/+445
* sci-physcis/root-9999: patch moved to upstreamAndrew Savchenko2014-07-032-2/+4
* use ninjaChristoph Junghans2014-07-022-0/+4
* sci-physics/root: fix aux docs installationAndrew Savchenko2014-07-034-3/+26
* sci-physics/root: fix ROOT's CLI commandsAndrew Savchenko2014-07-023-1/+40
* sci-physics/root: fix Cling library loadAndrew Savchenko2014-07-024-9/+461
* add Clip4, the Cologne Laue Indexiation ProgramJonas Stein2014-06-303-0/+52
* sci-physics/root, app-doc/root-docs: version bump to ROOT-6Andrew Savchenko2014-06-2921-923/+553
* Version bumped to 7.6.4. ScaLAPACK support, and use of the MPI implementation...Honza Macháček2014-06-274-5/+416
* added missing deps (bug #514084)Christoph Junghans2014-06-212-0/+4
* Merge branch 'upstream-master' into gentoo-masterJauhien Piatlicki2014-06-024-5/+72
| * sci-physics/qcl: version bump to 0.6.4Jauhien Piatlicki2014-06-024-5/+72