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* Trying a fix for paraview-3.8.0 with mpi.François Bissey2010-06-201-0/+12
* Importing new version of paraview in the overlay for testingFrançois Bissey2010-06-127-0/+148
* Remove paraview as it has been revbumped in the main tree by Markus DittrichFrançois Bissey2010-01-187-434/+0
* paraview ebuild improvements.François Bissey2009-12-161-0/+34
* Import "improved" paraview ebuildFrançois Bissey2009-12-156-0/+400
* removed paraview, now in main treebicatali2007-04-263-30/+0
* added paraviewbicatali2007-04-233-0/+30