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* update libgadu copiesRobert Buchholz2009-04-021-4/+6
* updating list of software shipping xpdf (texlive-core is new, cstetex is no l...Christian Hoffmann2008-11-071-1/+1
* Extracted emul code copies to own fileRobert Buchholz2007-12-142-130/+137
* revertet r181lars2007-12-141-1/+1
* moving yacas again to unconfirmedlars2007-12-141-1/+1
* i tested a few possible built-in pcre candidates and added em to the correspo...lars2007-12-121-23/+6
* Some work on PCRERobert Buchholz2007-11-121-45/+7
* solar's list of PCRE code copiesRobert Buchholz2007-11-121-0/+143
* PCRE copiesRobert Buchholz2007-11-071-0/+13
* UpdatesRobert Buchholz2007-10-251-11/+16
* First import of embedded code copies, party courtesy of DebianRobert Buchholz2007-10-241-0/+481