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diff --git a/profiles/use.local.desc b/profiles/use.local.desc
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--- a/profiles/use.local.desc
+++ b/profiles/use.local.desc
@@ -6,7 +6,6 @@ app-admin/blockhosts:logrotate - Enable logrotate file installation
app-admin/blockhosts:logwatch - Install support files for logwatch
app-admin/reprepro:archive - Enable archive support using app-arch/libarchive
app-admin/reprepro:gpgme - Enable gpgme support using app-crypt/gpgme
-app-cdr/furiusisomount:brasero - Enables support for burning images using app-cdr/brasero
app-crypt/yapet:csv - Enable csv import utility
app-crypt/yapet:pwgen - Enable build-in password generator
app-emulation/xenman:lvm2 - Enable lvm2 support
@@ -83,7 +82,6 @@ dev-libs/libfreenect:c_sync - Install C synchronous library
dev-libs/libfreenect:examples - Install demo programs
dev-libs/libfreenect:fakenect - Install fakenect mock library
dev-libs/libfreenect:opencv - Install opencv library
-dev-libs/libfreenect:python - Install python library extension
dev-libs/liblightscribe:multilib - Installs the lib into the right dir on amd64
dev-libs/libplayer:vlc - Enable VLC media player support
dev-libs/librets:doc - Add maintainer documentation
@@ -155,7 +153,6 @@ games-puzzle/hex-a-hop:pango - Use sdl-pango instead of default sdl-ttf for font
games-strategy/moo2:lordbrazen - Installs unofficial patch from
games-strategy/moo2:nocd - Install all files required to run the application without a CD mounted
games-util/bsp:dmalloc - Enable debugging with the dmalloc library
-gnome-extra/evolution-rss:webkit - Build using the webkit renderer
mail-client/mutt-kz:gpg - Enable support for app-crypt/gpgme
mail-client/mutt-kz:notmuch - Enable support for net-mail/notmuch
mail-client/mutt-kz:pop - Enable support for pop
@@ -175,7 +172,6 @@ media-libs/fontconfig-ultimate:fonts-extra - Pull in additional fonts for select
media-libs/fontconfig-ultimate:fonts-free - Pull in base fonts for free profile
media-libs/fontconfig-ultimate:fonts-ms - Pull in base fonts for ms profile
media-libs/fontconfig-ultimate:fonts-non-latin - Pull in non-latin fonts
-media-sound/arename:zsh-completion - enable zsh completion support
media-sound/crip:normalize - Enable for being able to normalize ripped tracks
media-sound/gnormalize:normalize - Enable the normalize front-end
media-sound/peapod:bittorrent - Enable support for the BitTorrent protocol
@@ -183,10 +179,8 @@ media-sound/peapod:id3 - Support ID3 in the player
media-sound/scala-bin:midi - MIDI support
media-tv/freetuxtv:nls - Enable native language support (using intltool)
media-video/image2mpeg:devil - Enable image loading via DevIL
-media-video/periscope:nautilus - Integrate with nautilus file manager
media-video/qnapi:gnome - Enable GNOME menu integration.
media-video/qnapi:kde - Enable KDE4 menu integration.
-media-video/ripwrap:mp4 - Add mp4 support
net-dialup/iwar:iax2 - Enable iax2 protocol support
net-firewall/vuurmuur:logrotate - Install support files for logrotate
net-misc/anytun:examples - Install example configuration into /usr/share/doc/...
@@ -217,20 +211,10 @@ sci-chemistry/hoomd:single-precision - Computations will be performed using sing
sci-misc/ised:long-types - Use 'long long' and 'long double' instead of 'int' and 'double' data types
sci-visualization/tulip:stats - Build with graph stats
sci-visualization/tulip:tlprender - Build tlprender
-sys-apps/apt:apt-pkg - Install development header files for APT's libapt-pkg and libapt-inst
-sys-apps/apt:berkdb - Build and install apt-ftparchive and supporting documentation
-sys-apps/apt:graphviz - Install graph related API documentation
-sys-apps/apt:largefile - Enable support for large files
-sys-apps/apt:latex - Install latex formatted API documentation
-sys-apps/apt:nls - Enable Native Language Support
-sys-apps/apt:rpath - Enable hardcoding of runtime library paths
-sys-apps/apt:utils - Install apt utility programs
sys-auth/pam_sotp:urandom - Use /dev/urandom for password generations (faster but less secure)
sys-fs/ntfs3g-ar:crypt - Add support for encrypted NTFS drives/partitions.
sys-fs/ntfs3g-ar:external-fuse - Use external FUSE library instead of internal one. Must be disabled for unprivileged mounting to work.
-sys-fs/ntfs3g-ar:extras - Enable extra ntfsprogs utilities.
sys-fs/ntfs3g-ar:ntfsprogs - Include internal version of ntfsprogs. This will block sys-fs/ntfsprogs.
-sys-fs/ntfs3g-ar:udev - Install udev rule to make udisks use ntfs-3g instead of the kernel NTFS driver.
sys-power/acpi-support:hibernate-script - Use sys-power/hibernate-script for sleep and hibernate actions
x11-drivers/asus-switcheroo:byo - Enables usage of the byo-swicheroo module
x11-libs/pdcurses:nextaw - Use neXtaw instead of Xaw