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@@ -316,6 +316,7 @@ net-misc/anytun:examples - Install example configuration into /usr/share/doc/...
net-misc/anytun:gcrypt - Prefer dev-libs/libgcrypt over dev-libs/openssl for encryption
net-misc/apt-cacher-ng:doc - Installs some documentation and config examples.
net-misc/apt-cacher-ng:fuse - Build fuse httpfs named 'acngfs'. It's can be used to mount apt cache on server to client filesystem.
+net-misc/apt-cacher-ng:logrotate - Install support files for app-admin/logrotate.
net-misc/freerdp:X - Install also GUI client
net-misc/freerdp:alsa - Enable sound support (using alsa)
net-misc/freerdp:cups - Enable printing support (using cups)
@@ -368,6 +369,7 @@ sys-fs/aufs:nfsexport - Enable support for exporting aufs via nfs
sys-fs/aufs:robr - Enable aufs readonly-branch
sys-fs/aufs:sec_perm - Enable patch for kernel with CONFIG_SECURITY enabled
sys-fs/ntfs3g-ar:external-fuse - Use external FUSE library instead of internal one. Must be disabled for unprivileged mounting to work.
+sys-fs/ntfs3g-ar:udev - Instal udev rule for sys-apps/udev
sys-fs/pysize:psyco - Adds psyco support
sys-kernel/ccs-sources:deblob - Remove binary blobs from kernel sources to provide libre license compliance.
sys-kernel/glendix-sources:deblob - Remove binary blobs from kernel sources to provide libre license compliance.