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+License Agreement
+1. The Monkey's Audio SDK and source code can be freely used
+to add APE format playback, encoding, or tagging support to
+any product, free or commercial. Use of the code for proprietary
+efforts that don't support the official APE format require written
+consent of the author.
+2. Monkey's Audio source can be included in GPL and open-source
+software, although Monkey's Audio itself will not be subjected
+to external licensing requirements or other viral source restrictions.
+3. Code changes and improvements must be contributed back to the Monkey's
+Audio project free from restrictions or royalties for the sake of the
+common good, unless exempted by express written consent of the author.
+4. Any source code, ideas, or libraries used must be plainly acknowledged
+in the software using the code.
+5. Although the software has been tested thoroughly, the author is in no
+way responsible for damages due to bugs or misuse.
+6. If you do not completely agree with all of the previous stipulations,
+you must cease using this source code and remove it from your storage device.
+All rights not expressly granted here are reserved by Matthew T. Ashland.
+- All materials and programs copyrighted ©2000-2006 by Matthew T. Ashland -
+- All rights reserved. -