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New ebuild for nzbperl, thanks to Ben Kohler (, bug #124582
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+# ChangeLog for net-nntp/nzbperl
+# Copyright 1999-2006 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPL v2
+# $Header: $
+ 22 Jun 2006; Alexis Ballier <> ChangeLog:
+ Initial import, ebuild submitted by Ben Kohler ( bug #124582
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+AUX nzbperlrc.sample 7656 RMD160 46860a390857a535c0d2d3d4883eb9f5eb24b610 SHA1 3e45a441860878b61977fbcbe7cf60b29e010313 SHA256 7f43b6492df01eecd65952faf263b99c6387be99dcdc91f9b417babef297d9d7
+MD5 b5ec89f58637d4ec34fcbab53065e1c5 files/nzbperlrc.sample 7656
+RMD160 46860a390857a535c0d2d3d4883eb9f5eb24b610 files/nzbperlrc.sample 7656
+SHA256 7f43b6492df01eecd65952faf263b99c6387be99dcdc91f9b417babef297d9d7 files/nzbperlrc.sample 7656
+DIST 99238 RMD160 a444557976d84f331bb690affbf813fab4189416 SHA1 9bebaff9df77d1334b47e4074a6c586a62bdbe1b SHA256 6a116e647b45d4ccecd06f20a7363e4d69f20082df60fe373fb9c219cabe9185
+EBUILD nzbperl-0.6.8.ebuild 1247 RMD160 6dcf3b8f474ee1e4dff9b11ff788e62cdff19324 SHA1 53a83ea0dd49a05a775f2cbe7f7aadc15225803d SHA256 4fc0a65d1789f37a72ee75fd48eeddf992f3cf86d9611e26c418d8ea00c3613e
+MD5 e1e5b03f30688f49c3b6f8795d31cb19 nzbperl-0.6.8.ebuild 1247
+RMD160 6dcf3b8f474ee1e4dff9b11ff788e62cdff19324 nzbperl-0.6.8.ebuild 1247
+SHA256 4fc0a65d1789f37a72ee75fd48eeddf992f3cf86d9611e26c418d8ea00c3613e nzbperl-0.6.8.ebuild 1247
+MD5 6a030595e616274f70496af2dc3d535f files/digest-nzbperl-0.6.8 226
+RMD160 ff95009a79ea1be45522f32650ce649370b25ca8 files/digest-nzbperl-0.6.8 226
+SHA256 b2753a5d1f3b4f1fde49524fc03634713507e789166944b474ba5169e69ecb21 files/digest-nzbperl-0.6.8 226
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+MD5 70e64b7cd4ff9c7c098bf8dffeb62578 99238
+RMD160 a444557976d84f331bb690affbf813fab4189416 99238
+SHA256 6a116e647b45d4ccecd06f20a7363e4d69f20082df60fe373fb9c219cabe9185 99238
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+# nzbperl configuration file
+# For more information, visit
+# The options should be given just like the commandline
+# options, but without leading dashes.
+# Any options given on the commandline will override
+# the options provided here.
+# The server to connect to
+# The number of connections to use to the server (default = 2)
+# The username to use for login
+# The password to use. Note that actually having this
+# value here is a pretty big security risk and is discouraged.
+# If connecting over ssl, uncommend the following line.
+# This will enable a secure socket connection to the NNTP (news)
+# server. Requires IO::Socket::SSL module to be installed.
+# If you wish to use a SOCKS proxy server to connect to your news
+# provider, you can enable the socks_server option.
+# The proxy, obviously, must allow you to connect to your news
+# provider on the desired port.
+#or include a port number:
+# If you wish to tunnel your NNTP (news) traffic over HTTP through
+# a proxy, you can use the http_proxy option. Again, the HTTP proxy
+# server must allow you to connect to your news provider for this
+# to work.
+#or include a port number:
+# If you're using a proxy server (either SOCKS or HTTP tunnel) and your
+# proxy server requires authentication, you can provide the proxy_user
+# and proxy_passwd options.
+# If you wish to use ipv6, uncomment this option. If you don't know what
+# ipv6 is, then you're probably not using it (at least in 2005 this was
+# still generally the case)
+# You can explicitly specify the location of uudeview.
+# The default is to be found in the path...
+# Specify what bandwidth in kBps for "low" speed
+# Specify what bandwidth in kBps for "medium" speed
+# Start downloading with speed restricted to this many kBps
+# The dlpath option tells nzbperl where to put all downloads. All
+# downloaded files and unencoded files will be placed into the directory
+# given. Default is the current directory.
+# This option conflicts with --dlrelative
+# The dlrelative option tells nzbperl to put downloaded and extracted
+# files into the same directory that their nzb file came from. This
+# can allow you to have multiple nzb files in various places and to
+# be sure that downloads go into their respective locations.
+# The dlcreate option tells nzbperl to create new subdirectires for
+# each nzbfile and to place decoded files in the new directories.
+# This can be useful when running with several nzbfiles and trying
+# to keep some filesystem organization.
+# The dlcreategrp option tells nzbperl to create new subdirectories
+# that correspond to the usenet group name that the file was
+# downloaded from. Each downloaded file will be placed into a
+# directory named after the group it was fetched from.
+# queuedir tells nzbperl to monitor the given directory for new nzb
+# files during run time. New nzb files will be queued and downloaded.
+# Some people find more useful than restarting nzbperl.
+# If uncommented, the forever option will tell nzbperl to try and
+# hang around forever and never quit. It requires the --queuedir
+# option to also be specified. This is probably what you want
+# if you only want to use nzbperl as a daemon that monitors a
+# queue.
+# postdec allows nzbperl to run an external command after each file
+# is decoded. If additional processing of decoded files is required,
+# you may use this option. Note: nzbperl will be (at least partially)
+# blocked until the command finishes, so it's wise to wrap your
+# postdec program in a shell script that forks if it does lengthy
+# operations. One easy way to accomplish this is to add an ampersand
+# '&' to the end of the postdec option.
+# NZBP_FILE, NZBP_TEMPFILE, NZBP_ISBROKEN environment variables will
+# be passed to the program.
+# postnzb allows nzbperl to run an external command after each
+# nzb file is completed. As noted above, nzbperl will become
+# blocked while the program is running, so the program should
+# likely fork() unless you don't mind waiting.
+# Parameters to the program are: NZBP_NZBDIR, NZBP_NZBFILE,
+# Diskfree tells nzbperl to stop downloading when the free space
+# on the download path gets below the given percentage. If this
+# option is given and the free disk space drops below the given
+# percentage, all file downloading will stop until the space is
+# freed back up.
+# Whether or not to keep parts files after decoding (default = no)
+# Whether or not to continue downloading broken files when parts
+# are missing. Will leave parts files with missing/broken
+# segments around on disk still encoded.
+# Use uudeview in a desparate mode and try and create binary files
+# and allow it to decode to broken binary files.
+# Uncomment to disable download order sorting files by subject
+# chunksize determines how many bytes are read on each pass through
+# a network receive. Most people shouldn't change this, but in some
+# cases it may impact CPU usage and/or thruput. If you experiment
+# with changing this, please provide feedback/success stories.
+# default value is 5k.
+# Uncomment to always redownload (don't skip existing files)
+# Uncomment to disable color
+# If your terminal doesn't support ANSI character graphics or you
+# just don't want to see them, you can enable the noansi option.
+# Uncomment to prevent up-to-date version checking at startup
+# The log file to use. Comment out to disable logging.
+# The decodelog option tells nzbperl to append the output of
+# uudeview into the provided file.
+# The "dthreadct" option specifies how many decoder threads should be used for
+# decoding. Most users will want the default of 1, however, if you don't have
+# a threaded Perl, you should set dthreadct=0 to disable all threaded functions.
+# Note: the --nothread option has been deprecated in favor of --dthreadct=0
+# Default: 1
+# The daemon option tells nzbperl to fork into the background and run
+# as a daemon. There's no UI with this option, and all interaction
+# should be performed with the log file and/or remote control functions.
+# If rcport is enabled, nzbperl will service clients that connect on the
+# port and allow them to perform remote control operations. This is
+# experimental, insecure, undocumented, and subject to change...
+# so use at your own risk!
+# Uncomment this line to bypass NZB sanity checking
+# Uncomment to auto-skip all files with suspected broken parts
+# You probably wouldn't ever want to specify a skip value in the config file
+# The number of seconds to wait between reconnection attempts
+# The subject line filter expresssion. Probably rarely used in config file.
+# The *inverse* subject line filter expression...also rarely specified in
+# config files. This will select all parts with subject lines that DO NOT
+# match the expression given.
diff --git a/net-nntp/nzbperl/nzbperl-0.6.8.ebuild b/net-nntp/nzbperl/nzbperl-0.6.8.ebuild
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index 000000000..55e062b47
--- /dev/null
+++ b/net-nntp/nzbperl/nzbperl-0.6.8.ebuild
@@ -0,0 +1,44 @@
+# Copyright 1999-2006 Gentoo Foundation
+# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
+# $Header: $
+inherit eutils
+DESCRIPTION="nzb based nntp/usenet downloader in perl"
+KEYWORDS="~amd64 ~x86"
+IUSE="ipv6 ssl"
+ app-text/uudeview
+ perl-core/Time-HiRes
+ perl-core/Getopt-Long
+ dev-perl/TermReadKey
+ dev-perl/Term-ANSIColor
+ dev-perl/XML-DOM
+ ssl? ( dev-perl/IO-Socket-SSL )
+ ipv6? ( dev-perl/IO-Socket-INET6 )
+src_install() {
+ newbin ${DISTDIR}/${P}.pl ${PN}
+ dodoc ${FILESDIR}/${PN}rc.sample
+pkg_postinst() {
+ if ! built_with_use dev-lang/perl ithreads; then
+ ewarn "WARNING: dev-lang/perl was built with ithreads disabled, please start nzbperl"
+ ewarn "with --dthreadct 0 to use single-threaded nzbperl OR remerge dev-lang/perl"
+ ewarn "with ithreads in your USE flags."
+ ewarn ""
+ ewarn "Note that using --dthreadct 0 will cause downloads to pause during decoding,"
+ ewarn "so it is recommended that you build perl with ithreads enabled."
+ fi
+ einfo "A sample config file has been copied into /usr/share/doc/${PF}"
+ einfo "You may want to take it as a sample for your ~/.nzbperlrc"