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@@ -269,13 +269,10 @@ media-video/ripwrap:mp4 - Add mp4 support
net-dialup/iwar:iax2 - Enable iax2 protocol support
net-dns/inadyn-mt:async - Enable asyncronous gethostbyname calls. Requires USE=threads
net-dns/nsd:bind8-stats - Enables BIND8 like NSTATS and XSTATS
-net-dns/nsd:dnssec - Enable DNSSEC support
net-dns/nsd:largefile - Enable largefile support
net-dns/nsd:nsec3 - Enable NSEC3 support
-net-dns/nsd:nsid - Enable NSID support
net-dns/nsd:root-server - Configure NSD as a root server
net-dns/nsd:runtime-checks - Enable runtime checks
-net-dns/nsd:tsig - Enable TSIG support
net-dns/opendnssec:auditor - Enables auditing capabilities for OpenDNSSEC
net-dns/opendnssec:eppclient - Enables support for automatic submission of DNSSEC keys to an upstream epp server
net-dns/opendnssec:external-hsm - Enables support for storing DNSSEC keys through an arbitrary non-portage PKCS#11 interface, specified through an environment variable
@@ -362,7 +359,6 @@ sci-biology/tgi-tools:pvm - Use sys-cluster/pvm (Parallel Virtual Machine) and b
sci-misc/ised:long-types - Use 'long long' and 'long double' instead of 'int' and 'double' data types
sci-visualization/tulip:stats - Build with graph stats
sci-visualization/tulip:tlprender - Build tlprender
-sys-apps/pyrenamer:music - Enable support for renaming music
sys-auth/pam_sotp:urandom - Use /dev/urandom for password generations (faster but less secure)
sys-fs/aufs:fuse - Enable FUSE workaround
sys-fs/aufs:hinotify - Add support for aufs inotify