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parentNew icepy Ebuild for bug 135207 (diff)
New simscan-1.1.ebuild Ebuild for bug 90605 thanks to Helge Aksdal, Ed Cates, David CHANIAL
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app-dicts/ktranslator:festival - Enable festival support
app-dicts/ktranslator:lowmem - Disable optimizations for searches
app-dicts/ktranslator:ocr - Enable GOCR support
+net-mail/simscan:attachement - Enable attachment filtering
+net-mail/simscan:custom-smtp-reject - Enable the custom SMTP reject with qmail
+net-mail/simscan:dropmsg - Enable dropping message contains virus/spam
+net-mail/simscan:regex - Enable regex attachment filename checking
+net-mail/simscan:quarantine - Enable the detected spam/virus to be stored in quarantine
+net-mail/simscan:perdomain - Enable per domain virus/spam/attach checks/filters
+net-mail/simscan:received - Enable the add of a Received line in scanned messages
+net-mail/simscan:spamassassin - Enable the spam checks with spamassasin
+net-mail/simscan:passthru - Disable reject of messages where spam or virus is detected