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+You will need access to postgresql database to use davical.
+Read /usr/share/doc/www-apps/davical-${PVR}/INSTALL.gz for installation
+Release notes are available at
+Full documentation and wiki on
+If you are upgrading from a previous version of davical, don't forget to
+upgrade the database structure with
+ cd /usr/share/webapps/davical/${PVR}/sqlscripts/
+ ./update-davical-database -dbuser xxxxxxx -appuser xxxxxx
+You can safely ignore any message about missing time_zone table.
+If you are upgrading from a version <= please note inc/ and locale/
+have been moved away from the htdocs directory and placed into hostroot for
+safety reasons. Update you include_path accordingly.
+You may have to configure the locale path in the davical configuration file.
+(add a $c->locale_path = '/path/to/the/locales';)