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diff --git a/profiles/use.local.desc b/profiles/use.local.desc
index bb478a053..c8f4f6dc1 100644
--- a/profiles/use.local.desc
+++ b/profiles/use.local.desc
@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ app-misc/emelfm2:fam - Use FAM for file-change monitoring
app-misc/emelfm2:unicode - Forces conversion of filenames to Unicode
dev-games/ois:nojoyevents - Uses /dev/input/jsX instead of /dev/input/eventX
dev-lang/brainwash:char - Compile with support for unsigned character (instead of signed integer) cells.
+dev-util/ktigcc:no-completion-data - Do not install completion data for the TIGCCLIB system headers
dev-util/mockpp:boost - Use boost.test instead of cxxtest as framework
dev-util/mockpp:cppunit - Use cppunit instead of cxxtest as framework
gnome-extra/eiciel:xattr - if you want extended attributes support enabled