Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Fix up dependencies a bit...Jakub Moc2008-03-163-11/+11
* app-cdr/acetoneiso2: Really drop itThomas Sachau2008-03-123-40/+4
* app-cdr/acetoneiso2: Remove old version.Arne Janbu (Ampheus)2008-03-122-3/+4
* app-cdr/acetoneiso2: Version bump to 2.0.1.Arne Janbu (Ampheus)2008-03-123-1/+46
* app-cdr/acetoneiso2: Changed dependency so we can use cdrtools or cdrkit if w...Arne Janbu (Ampheus)2008-03-103-4/+9
* app-cdr/acetoneiso2: WhiteyMarkus Ullmann2008-02-042-2/+2
* app-cdr/acetoneiso2: Added sys-fs/fuseiso to DEPEND. Thanks to realmatrix.Arne Janbu (Ampheus)2008-01-303-3/+8
* app-cdr/acetoneiso2: Version bump, remove oldJakub Moc2008-01-273-4/+8
* app-cdr/acetoneiso2: Some cleaning and changed the descriptionArne Janbu (Ampheus)2008-01-233-4/+8
* app-cdr/acetoneiso2: Drop emtpy files dirThomas Sachau2008-01-182-1/+4
* app-cdr/acetoneiso2: Drop eutils.eclass, use PN in SRC_URI and correct ebuild...Thomas Sachau2008-01-163-4/+8
* app-cdr/acetoneiso2: New Ebuild for bug 197961Arne Janbu (Ampheus)2008-01-164-0/+55