Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* app-cdr/bonfire: remove as it's in portage nowJakub Moc2006-07-085-85/+0
* app-cdr/bonfire - change virtual/x11 dep wrt Bug 133671Jakub Moc2006-07-072-5/+5
* add skel.metadata.xml and metadata.xml with maintainer-wanted everywhereStefan Schweizer2006-07-022-0/+9
* app-cdr/bonfire: remove hal and dbus depend, no longer needed in this versionStefan Schweizer2006-07-022-6/+4
* app-cdr/bonfire - Use in SRC_URI.David Shakaryan2006-06-252-5/+5
* repoman: trailing whitespace, digestsStefan Schweizer2006-06-252-16/+16
* app-cdr/bonfire - redigestJakub Moc2006-06-241-3/+0
* Fix missing depend in bonfire-0.3.90.ebuild thanks to Juippis.Samuli Suominen2006-06-244-10/+17
* New ebuild. app-cdr/bonfire. See bug #116068Samuli Suominen2006-06-244-0/+74