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* app-misc/heyu: Eapi2fy it and clean upMarkos Chandras2009-07-063-16/+20
* app-misc/heyu: Version bump for bug 91396Sven Schwyn (svoop)2009-06-304-86/+87
* Use EPI 2. Use src_configure instead of src_compile. sed and domanimproved, r...Christian Ruppert2009-05-093-28/+39
* Version bump to 2.6.0 (bug 91396)Sven Schwyn (svoop)2009-05-044-9/+11
* app-misc/heyu: Version bump and various - including security relevant - impro...Sven Schwyn (svoop)2009-02-155-79/+92
* app-misc/heyu: Drop old files tooThomas Sachau2008-12-123-26/+5
* app-misc/heyu: Drop old versionThomas Sachau2008-12-123-73/+5
* app-misc/heyu: Version bump for bug 91396Sven Schwyn (svoop)2008-12-124-1/+102
* sunrise/dev-lang/vala/metadata.xml: Some minor metadata.xml changesThomas Sachau2008-09-022-11/+7
* app-misc/heyu: Added USE flag description wrt GLEP 56Thomas Beierlein2008-08-233-2/+15
* app-misc/heyu: Remove mirror restrictionThomas Sachau2008-06-293-4/+6
* app-misc/heyu: Minor changes according to input from IRC.Sven Schwyn (svoop)2008-06-243-11/+16
* app-misc/heyu: new ebuild app-misc/heyu (bug 91396)Sven Schwyn (svoop)2008-06-185-0/+130