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* app-misc/shelr: Remove dependency on dev-lang/ruby:1.8 as it has been removedThomas Sachau2014-12-143-7/+10
* app-misc/shelr: Version bump for app-misc/shelrAlexander Kolesen (m0use)2012-04-173-3/+9
* app-misc/shelr: Version bump for app-misc/shelr and added ruby-1.9 supportAlexander Kolesen (m0use)2012-04-123-4/+10
* app-misc/shelr: Change header back to default licenseThomas Sachau2012-04-013-3/+6
* app-misc/shelr: remove +x from metadata.xml.Michał Górny2012-03-271-0/+0
* app-misc/shelr: New Ebuild for bug 408729Alexander Kolesen (m0use)2012-03-184-0/+53