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* add skel.metadata.xml and metadata.xml with maintainer-wanted everywhereStefan Schweizer2006-07-024-0/+18
* dev-db/dabo - don't dodoc INSTALLDavid Shakaryan2006-06-272-5/+5
* Prevent python optimiser from running as this causes problemsGeoff Clements2006-06-252-5/+9
* repoman: trailing whitespace, digestsStefan Schweizer2006-06-251-4/+0
* Make use of doins -rGeoff Clements2006-06-243-33/+24
* review: add bugids to ChangeLogs, minor ebuild fixesStefan Schweizer2006-06-246-34/+24
* Initial commit of dev-db/dabo and dev-db/daboideGeoff Clements2006-06-238-0/+140