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* licenses/DRWEB: not needed anymoreMarkus Ullmann2007-08-131-97/+0
* dev-tex/luximono licensePavel Sanda (ps)2007-07-151-0/+41
* Add new license. GPL-2-jokosher.Santiago M. Mola2007-06-171-0/+352
* added Zattoo licenseChristian Helbling2007-05-181-0/+693
* new license phrap for sci-biology/phrapazazello2007-04-221-0/+210
* New license: CCPL-Attribution-nc-sa-2.5giz2007-04-211-0/+168
* new license OSL-2.1 for sci-biology/repeatmaskerazazello2007-04-201-0/+155
* remove license glimmer - is actually artisticazazello2007-03-141-106/+0
* new custom license glimmer for sci-biology/glimmerazazello2007-03-141-0/+106
* new license for RakNet: CCPL-Attribution-NonCommercial-2.5Patrick Zimmermann (moHiJ)2007-03-061-0/+206
* app-dicts/words-bin : bigger dictionary, license updatePavel Sanda (ps)2007-02-041-13/+9
* licenses/UNACE: Unused LicenseMarkus Ullmann2007-02-011-4/+0
* added license for dev-cpp/omnetpp-3.3jakobdettner2006-12-281-0/+235
* app-dict/words-bin license.Pavel Sanda (ps)2006-12-221-0/+19
* new license for sci-biology/gmap: gmapazazello2006-12-131-0/+36
* blat license to fix repomanStefan Schweizer2006-10-031-0/+9
* licenses/SVPSLA: New license. SVPSLA: Steinberg VST Plug-Ins SDK Licensing Ag...Santiago M. Mola2006-09-151-0/+83
* licenses/OSGPL: Add OSGPLCédric Krier2006-09-111-0/+76
* New ebuild for the gizmo sip voip softphone, bug 103587Stefan Schweizer2006-06-181-0/+57
* Adding license for app-arch/unace-binPiotr Jaroszyński2006-06-161-0/+4
* app-antivirus/panda - add new license.Jakub Moc2006-06-101-0/+14
* app-antivirus/kav4fileserver - New ebuild for Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Filese...Jakub Moc2006-06-101-0/+54
* Adding license for app-antivirus/drwebJakub Moc2006-06-101-0/+97