Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Use pkgconfig virtual.Mike Gilbert2012-05-051-1/+4
* media-gfx/xaralx: Move patch to external place, such size should not be in fi...Thomas Sachau2011-07-191-0/+4
* media-gfx/xaralx: Actually use the patchesJustin Lecher2011-04-301-0/+5
* media-gfx/xaralx: Fix deps for gnome3, Make it compile again, included patche...Justin Lecher2011-04-301-1/+9
* media-gfx/xaralx: Fix wxGTK handlingJakub Moc2008-01-131-0/+3
* sunrise/x11-libs/pdcurses/pdcurses-2.8.ebuild: drop some unneeded WANT_AUTO* ...Thomas Sachau2008-01-131-1/+4
* media-gfx/xaralx: Works on amd64 as wellMarkus Ullmann2007-11-031-0/+3
* media-gfx/xaralx: Fix quoting and don't install LICENSE fileMarkus Ullmann2007-10-281-0/+3
* sunrise/app-portage/overlay-utils/Manifest: Fix manifests from last commitCharlie Shepherd2007-01-231-1/+1
* media-gfx/xaralx: added trailing slash to HOMEPAGE URLChristian Faulhammer2006-10-201-0/+4
* media-gfx/xaralx: Add missing autoconf/automake dependencyMarkus Ullmann2006-10-051-0/+4
* media-gfx/xaralx: Restoring ebuild for latest stable version p1692; modified ...Alex Tarkovsky2006-09-251-0/+6
* media-gfx/xaralx: Bump to rev 1744; removing r1709Alex Tarkovsky2006-09-081-0/+4
* media-gfx/xaralx: Add changelog entryStefan Schweizer2006-08-201-0/+4
* media-gfx/xaralx: version bump, much improved ebuildStefan Schweizer2006-08-141-0/+4
* media-gfx/xaralx: Fix gettext dependencyJakub Moc2006-08-141-0/+3
* media-gfx/xaralx: New ebuild. bug #126867Piotr JaroszyƄski2006-07-201-0/+7