Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* media-libs/libinstrudeo: added trailing slash to HOMEPAGE URLChristian Faulhammer2006-10-203-9/+13
* in portage nowStefan Schweizer2006-09-237-201/+0
* Drop libmtp. Maintained (by me) in portage now.Thomas Cort2006-09-038-136/+0
* media-libs/libinstrudeo: Patching's directly now since running au...Tiziano Müller2006-09-034-56/+34
* media-libs/libmtp: Updated Ebuild for libmtp with version independent patchJeremy Sermersheim (jsermer)2006-08-225-12/+63
* media-libs/amanith: Added CXX= since it didn't respect CXXTiziano Müller2006-08-203-35/+25
* media-libs/libmtp: Shortened description and added and missing die lines.......Jeremy Sermersheim (jsermer)2006-08-162-8/+8
* media-libs/libmtp: Added die on emake install lineJeremy Sermersheim (jsermer)2006-08-162-5/+5
* media-libs/libmtp: Removed -ppc and dodoc INSTALL, sorry genstefJeremy Sermersheim (jsermer)2006-08-163-10/+14
* media-libs/libmtp: New Ebuild for bug 144010 thanks to genstefJeremy Sermersheim (jsermer)2006-08-166-0/+81
* media-libs/amanith: Adding ~amd64 KEYWORD, thanks to M.Schouten for testingTiziano Müller2006-08-133-9/+12
* media-libs/amanith: Added 'doins the/header/files' to src_install :-)Tiziano Müller2006-08-093-8/+14
* media-libs/libinstrudeo: New ebuild for bug 139855Tiziano Müller2006-07-166-0/+105
* media-libs/amanith: New ebuild for bug 115754Tiziano Müller2006-07-047-0/+202