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* media-radio/adifmerg: version bumpThomas Beierlein2009-09-063-3/+7
* media-radio/adifmerg: version bumpThomas Beierlein2009-07-283-7/+9
* media-radio/adifmerg: Clean ${MY_P}, drop quotes, add examples USE flag, and ...Romain Perier2009-07-043-8/+14
* media-radio/adifmerg: Version bumpThomas Beierlein2009-07-013-5/+11
* media-radio/adifmerg: Fix order of dodocs. README and CHANGELOG should not go...Thomas Beierlein2009-04-073-4/+8
* media-radio/adifmerg: Move examples to examples docdirThomas Sachau2009-04-063-4/+8
* media-radio/adifmerg: New ebuild for bug 265110. Thanks idl0r for help.Thomas Beierlein2009-04-064-0/+44