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* Moved to main treeAndreas Hüttel2011-01-094-44/+0
* Fix indentation in metadata.xml, and update a single file omitted by Tommy.Michał Górny2010-04-172-2/+2
* sunrise/ app-portage/elog-list/metadata.xml: Update metadata.xml to follow sk...Thomas Sachau2010-04-162-2/+3
* media-sound/waheela: Version bump for waheela, thanks to Tommy for reviewingDaniel Pinto dos Santos (danielpi)2010-04-033-4/+8
* sunrise/ app-portage/elog-list/elog-list-0.0.6.ebuild: Update headers for 2010Thomas Sachau2010-02-092-2/+2
* media-sound/waheela: WhitespaceThomas Sachau2009-09-102-9/+1
* media-sound/waheela: New ebuild for bug #283762. Thanks to scarabeus and sedz...Daniel Pinto dos Santos (danielpi)2009-09-074-0/+47