Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* net-mail/checkgmail: Add local useflags to metadata.xml (GLEP 56)Thomas Sachau2008-08-311-0/+3
* net-mail/checkgmail: Drop old versionThomas Sachau2008-05-251-0/+4
* net-mail/checkgmail: New Ebuild for bug 117867Joel Cunningham (slithy)2008-05-251-1/+5
* net-mail/checkgmail: Fix die messageJakub Moc2007-10-201-0/+3
* net-mail/checkgmail: Drop oldMarkus Ullmann2007-10-191-0/+3
* net-mail/checkgmail: Updated libsexy dep to include version without serious bugJoel Cunningham (slithy)2007-09-201-0/+4
* net-mail/checkgmail: Updated ebuild for version 1.12Joel Cunningham (slithy)2007-09-201-0/+4
* net-mail/checkgmail: new ebuild for checkgmail, Bug #117867David Grant (dgrant)2007-02-191-0/+8