Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* net-mail/dbmail: remove obsolete old ebuilds, thanks pcheckStefan Schweizer2006-11-281-3/+0
* net-mail/dbmail: glib deps, removed bannerMartin Hierling2006-11-271-0/+38
* net-mail/dbmail: Version bump to 2.2.1Martin Hierling2006-11-202-3/+3
* net-mail/dbmail: Version bump to 2.2.0Martin Hierling2006-11-182-3/+3
* net-mail/dbmail: version bump to 2.2.0_rc2Martin Hierling2006-11-102-3/+3
* net-mail/dbmail: Version bump to 2.2.0rc1Martin Hierling2006-11-091-0/+3
* dbmail/files/digest-dbmail-2.1.7: Remove sieve useflag because libsieve is no...Stefan Schweizer2006-11-041-3/+0
* net-mail/dbmail: added sieve and ldap support, removed db dep logicMartin Hierling2006-11-031-0/+3
* net-mail/dbmail: added timsieve daemin init scriptMartin Hierling2006-11-021-0/+40
* net-mail/dbmail: remove old ebuilds. CHange einfo to elog again in the latest...Stefan Schweizer2006-07-293-9/+0
* net-mail/dbmail: version bump to 2.1.7 last pre 2.2 versionMartin Hierling2006-07-251-0/+3
* net-mail/dbmail added pre 2.1.7 ebuildMartin Hierling2006-07-171-0/+3
* net-misc/dbmail fixed pidfile issue in init.d scriptsMartin Hierling2006-07-173-6/+3
* Version bump net-mail/dbmail to 2.1.6, ~amd64 addedMartin Hierling2006-07-044-0/+6
* New Ebuild for bug 22331 net-mail/dbmail Thanks to all contributors, to much toMartin Hierling2006-07-014-0/+123