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* net-mail/gmail-notify: Added a patch to make gmail-notify put 660 ↵David Grant (dgrant)2006-09-281-0/+15
| | | | | | permissions on the ~/.notifier.conf file, so that the plaintext gmail password stored there isn't available for all the world to see svn path=/sunrise/; revision=1359
* net-mail/gmail-notify: Added ubuntu patches (without which gmail-notify was ↵David Grant (dgrant)2006-09-262-0/+71
| | | | | | somewhat broken), added patch to use gnome-python-extras instead, and clean up ebuild svn path=/sunrise/; revision=1343
* net-mail/gmail-notify: New Ebuild for bug 13991 thanks to genstefDavid Grant (dgrant)2006-07-101-0/+3
svn path=/sunrise/; revision=581