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* net-misc/gns3: Drop old patchesThomas Sachau2009-08-184-28/+6
* net-misc/gns3: Version bump, thanks to Tommy[D] and chithead for adviceDuncan Lockwood (dunc)2009-08-175-3/+33
* net-misc/gns3: WhitespaceThomas Sachau2009-07-122-4/+1
* net-misc/gns3: Add inherit eutils as I'm using epatch, as explained by idl0r ...Duncan Lockwood (dunc)2009-02-083-3/+6
* net-misc/gns3: whitespaceChristian Ruppert2009-01-222-2/+2
* net-misc/gns3: Un-Split some linesDuncan Lockwood (dunc)2009-01-223-7/+8
* net-misc/gns3: New Ebuild for bug 213539 thanks to everyone in #gentoo-sunris...Duncan Lockwood (dunc)2009-01-226-0/+90