Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* net-misc/ypd: Switch eclass: git -> git-2Thomas Sachau2011-07-191-1/+4
* net-misc/ypd: Added missing die statements, removed useless dodir.Christian Ruppert2009-04-221-1/+5
* net-misc/ypd: whiteyThomas Sachau2008-01-061-1/+4
* net-misc/ypd: add trailing slash to HOMEPAGEChristian Faulhammer2007-12-061-0/+4
* net-misc/ypd: bumpFelix Bechstein (flx\)2007-12-061-0/+4
* net-misc/ypd: remove old versionChristian Faulhammer2007-11-051-0/+3
* net-misc/ypd: bump ypd-1 to ypd-2Felix Bechstein (flx\)2007-11-041-0/+3
* net-misc/ypd: New Ebuild for bug 197315, thx to jokey and tommyFelix Bechstein (flx\)2007-10-281-0/+8