Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* fix: changed metadata herd to no-herdMarc Schiffbauer2010-08-244-4/+4
* app-misc/mc2bsbh moved to sci-geosciences/mc2bsbhMarc Schiffbauer2010-08-244-0/+49
* sci-geosciences/opencpn: New Ebuild for bug 334283Marc Schiffbauer2010-08-244-0/+52
* sci-geosciences/aweather: Version bump for aweather-0.4.1Andy Spencer2010-05-183-3/+7
* sci-geosciences/aweather: Version bump for aweather-0.4 (now depends libgis) ...Andy Spencer2010-05-144-18/+19
* sunrise/ app-portage/elog-list/metadata.xml: Update metadata.xml to follow sk...Thomas Sachau2010-04-162-2/+3
* sunrise/ app-portage/elog-list/elog-list-0.0.6.ebuild: Update headers for 2010Thomas Sachau2010-02-093-4/+4
* sci-geosciences/aweather: Update live ebuild to reflect the aweather/libgis s...Andy Spencer2009-10-253-16/+14
* sci-geosciences/aweather: Fixing email addresses in the ChangeLog (I'm and id...Andy Spencer2009-10-242-5/+8
* sci-geosciences/aweather: Version bump for aweather-0.2.2Andy Spencer2009-10-243-3/+7
* sci-geosciences/aweather: Migrating from Subversion to GitAndy Spencer2009-09-023-8/+9
* sci-geosciences/aweather: Version bump to 0.2.1 and adding live ebuildAndy Spencer2009-08-074-4/+43
* sci-geosciences/aweather: Drop live ebuild (no dev ok, interactive, no use of...Thomas Sachau2009-07-223-30/+5
* sci-geosciences/aweather: Adding Subversion ebuild for AWeatherAndy Spencer2009-07-203-1/+33
* sci-geosciences/aweather: Version bump for AWeather - removes gvfs dependencies.Andy Spencer2009-07-163-3/+7
* sci-geosciences/aweather: Adding maintainer-wanted as herdMarkos Chandras2009-07-133-3/+6
* sci-geosciences/aweather: New Ebuild for bug 277479 submitted by Andy Spencer.Andy Spencer2009-07-124-0/+40