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* Fix indentation in metadata.xml, and update a single file omitted by Tommy.Michał Górny2010-04-172-2/+2
* sunrise/ app-portage/elog-list/metadata.xml: Update metadata.xml to follow sk...Thomas Sachau2010-04-162-2/+3
* sci-misc/ised: Version bump for ised.Jure Varlec (exzombie)2010-03-223-3/+7
* sci-misc/ised: Version bump for ised. Dot removed in the description.Jure Varlec (exzombie)2010-02-163-4/+8
* sci-misc/ised: Added ~amd64 keyword. Thanks to Wizzleby for testing.Jure Varlec (exzombie)2010-01-083-5/+9
* sci-misc/ised: Version bump for isedJure Varlec (exzombie)2009-11-193-3/+7
* sci-misc/ised: New Ebuild for bug #290615. Thanks to Tommy[D], bonsaikitten a...Jure Varlec (exzombie)2009-10-264-0/+47