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* sys-apps/apparmor: in portage.Michael Palimaka2013-12-047-378/+0
* sys-apps/apparmor: Version bump.Michael Palimaka2012-06-124-4/+11
* sys-apps/apparmor: Remove svn:executable property.Mike Gilbert2012-02-121-0/+0
* sys-apps/apparmor: Remove obsolete patch.Michael Palimaka (kensington)2012-02-053-34/+5
* sys-apps/apparmor: Version bump. Respect LINGUAS. Thanks to mgorny, hasufull,...Michael Palimaka (kensington)2012-02-054-5/+62
* sys-apps/apparmor: Version bump. Thanks to Tommy[D] for review.Michael Palimaka (kensington)2011-12-185-93/+46
* sys-apps/apparmor: Explicitly state printf format. Thanks to mgorny for the r...Michael Palimaka (kensington)2011-12-033-4/+9
* sys-apps/apparmor: Avoid bashisms in initscript. Thanks to mgorny for the rep...Michael Palimaka (kensington)2011-11-244-17/+25
* sys-apps/apparmor: New Ebuild for bug #118779. Thanks to floppym & hwoarang f...Michael Palimaka (kensington)2011-11-137-0/+377