Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* CosmeticsJakub Moc2007-10-202-21/+11
* sys-fs/aufs: Drop old and some cosmeticsMarkus Ullmann2007-04-184-137/+7
* sys-fs/aufs: New aufs (Another Union FS) ebuildTorsten Kockler (conbart)2007-04-145-1/+219
* keyword orderings and nuke digestsMarkus Ullmann2007-04-031-2/+0
* sys-fs/aufs: cosmeticsMarkus Ullmann2007-04-032-3/+2
* Gentoo-style QA :PJakub Moc2007-03-142-5/+5
* sys-fs/aufs: Fix up the postinst/postrm checks a bitJakub Moc2007-03-123-36/+25
* sys-fs/aufs: Fixed a bug using the lhash and ksize kernel patchTorsten Kockler (conbart)2007-03-126-49/+162
* more Manifest1 nukageJakub Moc2007-03-022-15/+0
* sys-fs/aufs: Changed Variablename to , changed ! kernel_is gt to kernel_is ltTorsten Kockler (conbart)2007-02-143-12/+18
* sys-fs/aufs: Deleted redundant functions src_compile src_unpackTorsten Kockler (conbart)2007-02-143-18/+12
* sys-fs/aufs: Changed order of KEYWORDS, added http:// to SRC_URI and grouped ...Torsten Kockler (conbart)2007-02-133-11/+16
* sys-fs/aufs: New Ebuild for bug 160065Torsten Kockler (conbart)2007-02-135-0/+129